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Looking for an outstanding 3D sign design? Want to really “wow” your customers with a 3D sign that has “pop”? Facility Innovations Group can provide you and your business with professional 3D sign design, manufacturing and installation.

3D signs are a fantastic way to let customers and partners know where you are located from great distances. Perfect for outdoor use, 3D signs can fit small spaces or scaled up to meet any needs. Furthermore, they look extremely modern and professional. A 3D sign will make a great first impression every time someone sees our spectacular design from far away, and it will make your business look superior to your competitors.


A 3D sign can provide you with thousands of options for size, colors, letter styles and backgrounds. With such a diverse array of materials to choose from, a 3D sign is the perfect option to add dimension and character to your business signage.

3D Sign Letter Types:

  • Metal Letters are weather resistant and very durable. You can choose from a range of metal material, including stainless steel, aluminum, copper and titanium. Great for that “sharp”, shiny look.
  • Plastic Letters are a great alternative to metal for lower costs and weight. They can provide that “metal” look and are great for outdoors.
  • Wooden Letters provide a more natural look to your 3D sign and are the most common choice. These are better for indoor 3D signs.
  • Foam Letters are light weight and the most cost effective. However, keep in mind they are the least durable letters for a 3D sign. You can also wrap foam letters in other materials, such as metal for a sturdier construction of your 3D sign.

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