Sign Design in Houston Texas

If you are in the market for customized sign design in Houston Texas, you’ve landed on the right page.

Facility Innovations Group is here to help your business shine with a new sign. Whether you are new to the market or a signage guru of sorts, the steps to success should come full-circle. We provide the following sign design services in Houston Texas:

  • Sign Design
  • Sign Fabrication
  • Sign Installation
  • Sign Repair

Signs are considered the “face” of your business or potential endeavor. The selection of a new sign is likely to cause you stress in deciding which is best for you.

Being the trusted innovators in the space for over 15 years, Facility Innovations Group has done the research for you making your sign installation and sign design in Houston Texas completely painless.

Sign Design in Dallas Texas

Looking for great sign design in Dallas Texas? We’ve got you covered.

There are many key qualities when looking for the correct sign vendor, including the TYPE of sign you are after. Whether you are a business owner looking to strike a buying glance from potential customers or a residential housing complex wanting a better branded sign, Facilities Innovation Group has a wide range of customized options to fit your needs.

We design, manufacture and install the following types of sign in Dallas Texas:

  • 3D Letter Signs
  • Awning Signs
  • Banners
  • Blade Signs
  • Channel Letters
  • Mall Signs
  • Monument Signs
  • Cabinet Signs
  • Pylon Signs
  • Neon Signs

Being true innovators in the space for over 15 years, local sign design in Dallas Texas comes easy for Facility Innovations Group. We control the entire sign design process from initial design to fabrication, delivery and installation. If you truly want great sign design for your Dallas based business, we are the go-to sign design company!

Electrical Preventive Maintenance

Electrical Preventive Maintenance

Too many people wrongly believe an absence of moving parts means little can FAIL with electrical systems.
The two leading causes of electric distribution breakdowns — components / loose connections and exposure to wetness — account for almost half of all issues that are electric. Both issues can be corrected with a complete electrical preventive maintenance (EPM) system. When planning to implement an electrical preventive maintenance system to your organization consider these variables:

Competent Staff

The individuals who perform your EPM application must be properly trained for the particular equipment analyzed or being maintained. They should have a comprehensive understanding of processes and electrical safety practices.

Repair choices that are educated

You need to make educated, responsible choices about how better to correct any trouble states. If staff reviewing evaluation reports have a thorough comprehension of the particular subject matter you can better find the issue and fix it. If you don’t have a plan to repair the issue or a company like Facility Innovations Group to help with the repairs, then there’s little purpose in testing and reviews.


A possible failure that can be corrected before it occurs can be also frequently identified by monitoring evaluation results over time.

Electrical preventive maintenance is cost effective in many methods, enhances asset efficacy and reduces utility bills. Don’t ignore your electric distribution system. Consider an EPM software — before a costly failure happens.

Commercial Electrical Wiring Basics

Learn more about commercial electrical wiring basics and the difference between residential and commercial electrical wiring basics.

Residential electric wiring and commercial are different when it comes to load requirements, energy needs, and gear set up. Additionally they need distinct types of processes and substances. Facilities Innovation Group specializes in Industrial and Commercial electrical work and has vast experience with commercial electrical wiring basics and advanced tactics.

Residential Electrical Wiring Basics

Residential electric wiring typically works on the three-phase design. There are two smaller legs running i broader leg jogging 208 Volts and 120 Volts each. When they work, while creating an increased output signal this arrangement enables each cable less workload. This results in more lasting gear and greater efficiency. It will help to shield the electric wiring from liquids and corrosive gases. Sometimes, special wall sockets may be installed for electricity-hungry or particularly sensitive gear.

Commercial Electrical Wiring Basics

Commercial electric wiring is always fully covered within sheath insulating material. That is intended to shield residents. From a technical aspect residential wiring are 120 Volts and single stage, consisting of three cables, positive, negative, and neutral. In commercial uses this wiring is typically run through ceiling rafters or conduits where it’s readily reachable to service. For residential uses, the wiring is usually concealed within attic crawl spaces and walls.

Commercial Electrical Installations

Your premier commercial electrical installations company!

Facilities Innovation Group is a company that is based in Texas and deals with commercial electrical installations. The company which has adopted the strong work ethic and great customer relations of its founder Chris LeVeck prides itself in ‘wiring’ more than 1,000 commercial buildings throughout the state of Texas. Facilities Innovation Group has continued to grow in a huge way with time and is in the present credited with working with more than 100 business communities in the state of Texas for their commercial electrical installations needs.


Facilities Innovation Group offers a wide range of services for commercial electrical installations including electrical repairs, renovations, installation for new constructions and tenant improvements. Facilities Innovation Group also includes inspection of commercial electric installations, rewiring and maintenance services which are done by skilled electricians who have the knowledge and are committed to excellence and bound by a strict code of conduct. Facilities Innovation Group believes that having qualified electrician do the clients work is of utmost importance and hence ensures a high professional standard among our workers. In our experience electrical fittings can be dangerous and life threatening, hence we ensure that all our workers handle their work properly and to code through strict supervision.

Facilities Innovation Group commercial electrical installation services range from troubleshooting, network cabling and repair, installation of ceilings and fans, installation of meters, troubleshooting and repair, installation of smoke detectors and carbon monoxide detectors, installation of breakers, repair and installation of panels, installation of counting meters, repair and installation of fuses, installation and troubleshooting / repair of electronic signs. Repair and installation of LED lighting, repair and installation of light bulbs, installation of energy efficient lighting set ups, repair, installation and troubleshooting in receptacle outlet, repair of switches, track lighting installation and also the installation of specialty lighting.

Facilities Innovation Group also deals with the repair of water pumps, electrical installation of water features, installation of security and flood lights, installation, troubleshooting and repair of fluorescent light, wiring, installation of recessed lighting, inspection of previous installations, wiring and remodeling.

Get the Safest and Best Quality Electric Services Under One Roof

Electricians are required everywhere. Be it a commercial space or a residential space, our company offer specialized electrical services to meet all types of electrical requirements efficiently. Our services comprise of installation, assessment of existing circuitry, repair, upgrade and maintenance activities. To prevent people from safety hazards and assure their safety, we also make proper arrangements for electrical safety in a premise. Whether it is a large scale business or a small scale business, our expert electricians and technicians provide impeccable support, robust and quality assistance in a cost efficient manner.

Our company has been working in this area for several years and has been known for its credible and efficient services. Austin is a place where several commercial and residential spaces are present. All our qualified professionals and electricians have been trained to work on all kinds of electric systems, circuitries, and projects. Their profound experience and exemplary skills enable you to get all your simple to complicated issues solved quickly with ease. Using safest and best electrical practices that conform to the standards, we aim at delivering services beyond your expectation.  To provide you best experience and satisfaction, our technicians are available at your service 24/7.

Commercial electrical requirements

Whether you wish to install new electrical panels, switch board, outlets, electric wiring or any simple or complex appliance, you can count on us for immediate and superior level assistance. Using our electrical installation and repair services, customers get the desired level of professional and personal care that significantly lowers their downtime. Our electricians offer state of the art services that enables your business to stay on schedule every time. Some of our services include installation of new constructions, remodel offices, tenant improvements, reconfiguration of stores, rehabilitation facilities, addition, service upgrade, preventive maintenance etc. to offer a wide range of retail sector focused electrical services comfortably. We measure our success by the level of satisfaction our customers get from our services. To achieve the high level of customer satisfaction, our team of proficient professionals aim at providing the best and affordable solutions for all your electrical needs.

Emergency services

We are very dedicated and serious towards our job and responsibility to our clients. To keep your house and family secure by prevention of an electrical fire is our first and foremost priority. If there is any power outage, short circuit or any electrical repairs on an emergency basis, we provide quick and efficient resolution to the problem. We repair flickering lights, inspection of electrical wiring, correction of faulty electrical wiring, an upgrade in electrical systems, and various other activities.

How to identify best strategies for Facilities Management

Facilities management is the practice of coordinating a workplace with work and people working for an organization. It is an integrated approach of operating, improving, maintaining and adapting the infrastructure of an organization so as to create the environment which will support organization’s primary objectives. In facilities management, there are different approaches regardless of the location and size of the property.

Some real estate services are outsourced. Outsourcing means contracting facility management services to external service providers. In other organizations, some services are outsourced while others are retained in house. In house option will supply facility management services in the client organization. Whatever the course, outsourcing or in house option, the most important concern is the basis for making a decision. Therefore, there is a need for strategy in evaluating the solution in facilities management.

In fact, an efficient and effective facilities management concern requires a very robust strategy in relation to the organizations plan. A strategy for facilities management is therefore very vital and should meet the following requirements.

A facilities management strategy should consider all the needs of an organization and be able to differentiate between core and non-core business activity. A facilities management strategy must also identify and create effective manageable processes so as to meet the appropriate needs of the organization. In addition, the strategy should establish an appropriate resource whether internal or external needs for providing services. Facility management strategies should also establish a short term needs budget and long term value.

Steps for developing a strategy for facilities management:

Analysis requirement

An effective strategy must be preceded by analysis. The aim of analysis is to establish a perfect understanding the organization present state of its real estate. In analysis, the following facts are assembled. One of the assembled fact is the organization needs, policies and objectives. Then there is achieving of space utilization and physical assets. A review of processes, resources, cost analysis and systems are also assembled.

Develop solutions

Once facts and information has been assembled from the analysis stage; then a well-structured approach for interpretation can consequently be adopted. The interpretation of information from the analysis step allows for generation, evaluation and developing of innovative solutions.

Implementing solutions

The developed operational plans move into the stage of implementation. Implementation process include milestones, performance measurement, programs and risk analysis which are capable of producing a change especially in the human resource management. In this stage of strategy facilities management, the risks to effective implementation should be identified and assigning of responsibilities should be put in place to manage.

Strategy in facilities management is very useful. It is the facility management strategy that will reflect the organization objective, needs, policies and practicalities. The formal strategy must also include descriptions of the approach so as to measure how the business needs and objectives have been met.

Any facilities management service provider must therefore be very careful when choosing a strategy. The selection of the best strategy should be based on how the approach can be used to adequately satisfy the attributes which an organization would consider crucial for its success.



Facilities Manager Definition, Roles and Duties

A facilities manager is the ultimate organizer who makes sure that the workplace will meet the needs of employees by managing all required services. Facilities managers will make sure that the organization has a very suitable working environment for the employees and their activities. When one has a role of a facilities manager, they have the responsibility for management processes and services which support the organization’s core business. A facilities manager job role involves ensuring that the buildings and services meet the peoples need who work in them. One would ask what services are offered by the facilities manager.

Facilities Manager Roles

A facilities manager role entails many duties though the typical functions of the job position may vary depending with the company. Typically, the duties include renovations, refurbishments and office moves so as to make sure that they run smoothly and in accordance to the plan. Facilities managers have the responsibility of the general upkeep and building maintenance to ensure they meet safety, health standards as well as meeting the legal requirements. Facilities managers need to manage cleaning, catering, waste disposal, security, parking of each site while managing of budgets and record keeping of all payments.

Facilities managers may also be responsible for management of office systems that may include the office equipment and IT. In other cases, individuals who work as facilities manager will work for external companies where they are contracted to manage different organizations or properties. The facilities manager job title may differ, to varying degrees, and may be referred to as business services manager, support services manager or even the contracts manager. In spite of differing job titles, facility manager typical duties involve enhancing strong public-private partnership which of course will result in improved financial performance of the stakeholders.

Benefits of contacting the services of Facilities Manger

Facilities Managers will help in all project management activities including putting the bid process, supervision and coordination of the contractor’s work. They will also play a crucial role in investigating suitability and availability of options for new premises. Not only that, the facilities managers help in calculating and comparison of costs for goods and services to achieve maximum value for their money.

When you have a facilities manager working for your firm, you will be sure of your company’s bright future since they would assist in planning for future development that is in line with the business objectives. Another benefit would be the stability of a firm since the facilities managers manage and lead change so as to ensure a minimum disruption of core activities.

Therefore, it would be very wise for any company to contract with facilities managers’ services since they have the expertise to use performance management techniques in monitoring their clients. Facilities managers, will also demonstrate achievement of the agreed service levels as well leading on improvement. In fact, your firm will be safer with the facilities manager’s services since they would help to respond to urgent issues, emergencies and any consequences that may arise.

Enhance your Organizations efficiency with Facilities Management Companies

Facility Management is a nationally and internationally management profession as well as an academic discipline. It is an interdisciplinary function with the objective of coordinating supply and demand of services and facilities either within private or public organizations. Facility management services can be categorized into two areas. The first refers to a physical built environment while focusing on space and infrastructure. The second entails supporting areas related to occupational and work psychology. Facility management is simply the practice of physical workplace coordination with people and the organization’s work. Facilities management’s companies work involves a wide range of activities and not only business services. In facilities management, organization’s processes are integrated in maintaining and developing agreed services that improve and support their primary activities. The facilities management department has the responsibility of day-to-day running of the companies’ activities.

Many facilities management companies take an integrated approach to ensure that all their customer’s base services requirements are taken into account. The facilities management companies assess all of their customer’s needs ranging from geographical and business profile and existing working culture.

Facilities management companies mostly provide their services through their services rather than working with complex supply chains. In fact, in some of these companies, are backed up with MiWorld and art-based management system for easier performance.

The integrated facilities management solutions may cover 24/7 helpdesk, on and off-site management, cleaning, maintenance, security, and project management. They also offer related services required when one owns and occupies property. While delivering the facilities management companies, all the local, regional and even national suppliers approved for quality, performance and financial stability are engaged.

Benefits of facilities management companies

Facilities management companies give their valued customers efficiency outsourcing savings while giving you the degree of control which one would have if the services were provided in house. The services come with a guarantee of higher savings. Businesses are as a result made more sustainable and efficient.

The most effective facilities management companies combine resources and activities so as to enhance the success of an organization. At a corporate level, facilities management companies contribute to operational and strategic objectives. On the other hand, at a day-to day level, the facilities management companies contribute to a safe and efficient work environment that is essential to any businesses working performance. Whatever size or scope, facilities management services aim at improving the workability as well as the performances of companies.

Therefore, a company will need to contact the services of a facilities management company so as to provide, maintain and develop myriad services including space management, communications infrastructure, property strategy building, administration and contract management. Facilities management companies help to integrate a very wide range of services including both hard and soft services to achieve quality and economies of scale. Today, the facilities companies are becoming very integral to large scale projects, so, if any company desires success they have to think about contacting the services of facilities management companies.

Facilities Maintenance Manager

Responsibilities of the facilities maintenance manager.

The facilities maintenance manager plays the role in an organization ensuring that the given facilities meets the needs of the employees by ensuring the functionality of all of the needed services relating to a facility. The facilities maintenance manager is charged with managing services and processes that will support the core business of a given facility.

Facilities maintenance managers ensure that a facility is in the best working condition for its employees and customers activities. Facilities maintenance managers will be involved in the daily operations and the strategic planning of specific facilities needs for the premises. They will be involved in the management of security, the maintenance of building and grounds in particular facilities, the maintenance of cleanliness in facilities, the maintenance of catering and vending services in certain facilities, ensuring high standards of health and safety in facilities, overseeing of procurement and contract management in facilities, managing of various spaces in given facilities and finally the management of utilities and various communications infrastructure in given facilities.

Tasks of the facilities maintenance manager.

The facilities maintenance manager is charged with various tasks that may include; the preparation of documents to invite tenders from contractors, managing and supervising the various projects undertaken by contractors, calculating and coming up with costs for requirements such as goods and services so that finances are well utilized, come up with plans for future developments of facilities that are in line with given organization objectives, managing and seeking to coordinate and plan essential services in facilities such as maintenance, security, cleaning, reception, mail, archiving and waste disposal, ensuring that the given facilities meet the health and safety standards set out by the authorities in which they are found, deciding on best allocations for new buildings in facilities and space allocation on the existing buildings and the re-organization of current spaces in facilities.

Facilities maintenance managers will also be charged with supervising work by various staff under them and even contractors to ensure that it is done satisfactorily and challenges faced in the task resolved. The facilities maintenance managers will also be charged with leading one or more teams in their various areas of responsibility. Facilities maintenance managers will be expected to respond actively and appropriately to various emergencies that may arise in facilities and solve impeding issues expeditiously.

Generally facilities maintenance managers will be required use the best business and professional practices to improve efficiency and reduce operating costs of facilities while increasing their productivity.