Mechanical and HVAC solutions promise improved efficiency, safely, and sustainability. Finding the right solution requires careful customization, Our engineers take a progressive approach to each project, focusing on client needs, allowing each project to reach its unique potential. We see every project as an interactive process, a confluence of both client and engineering ideas…with the sum better than the parts. The members of our firm are team oriented, focused on the outcome; each possessing special skills that contribute to success.

Our mechanical and HVAC experts are experienced at assessing all of the conditions necessary to do that. That includes building conditions, number of people, climate, equipment and piping.bAutomated systems can be customized for your business, providing real-time data for comfort and improved efficiency, while energy recovery systems help reduce heat and cooling loss. We provide services to both public and private sector clients. Our largest project to date has a total construction value of $70,000,000 with MEP, FP and IT accounting for $14,500,000.


Mechanical Engineering

We help clients identify the needs of a project, review system designs, research technologies, and provide mechanical solutions to meet project goals and budgets.

Electrical Engineering

Whether new construction or renovation of an existing facility, we possess the knowledge and experience to design the best electrical system to suit your needs.

Plumbing Engineering

Our plumbing engineers perform calculations, size equipment, and prepare necessary design and construction documents to carry out a successful project of any size.

Technology Systems

An integral part of any building, new construction or renovation, our team of engineers understands how to design technology solutions for any building type.


Intimately familiar with mechanical, electrical, & plumbing projects, we are used to working within budgetary constraints, in a variety of scenarios involving landlord/tenant engineering and construction.

Our staff can prepare construction documents for projects of these types and are qualified to peer review the work of their colleagues. In addition to regular internal quality reviews as documents are developed, engineering plans are reviewed prior to issuance by John Quillen or John Graves, both licensed professional engineers.

Communications and coordination with engineering disciplines is performed by the project manager with support from lead engineering staff as needed.


We use the most current architecture engineering and construction (AEC) industry’s computer-aided and construction management software platforms to provide its services to our clients.

In the pre-construction document phase, qualified staff travel coast to coast to deploy digital photography including full 360 spherical panoramas and HD videos. We use proven checklists to visually observe existing MEP conditions which inform our professional engineering recommendations and decisions.
During the construction document engineering phase, we use Autodesk (CAD & Revit), with a range of plug-ins to include eLumen, Enscape, etc. Autodesk is the industry leader in computer-aided software.
Also available is BIM360 for enhanced team coordination between multi-firm design, engineering and construction.
During the construction phase, we utilize Procore, Bluebeam, and Autodesk (CAD & Revit). Procore is an industry leader in construction management software and is a powerful tool that allows us to coordinate projects with greater detail and efficiency thereby increasing the quality.
When available by the general contractor or construction manager, all submittals, schedules, requests for information, and drawing revisions are responded through Procore and accessible via the cloud through any mobile device.
We utilize Bluebeam, another industry leader as an additional markup resource to review drawings and documents.

Mechanical and HVAC solutions promise improved efficiency, safety
and sustainability