Identifying the Best Supplier and Service Option
If your facility is using older lighting technologies and running into the problem of finding discontinued bulbs, needs more optimized lighting in certain areas, is operating lights more than 16 hours per day, or you are looking for ways to become more green and sustainable and reduce utility bill costs.
With a lighting retrofit, we go far beyond a simple lighting repair. We take your inefficient lighting and replace it with an updated lighting system, whether it be a fluorescent lighting upgrade or a LED lighting upgrade.
Replacing inefficient lighting can improve capacity, efficiency, and safety and save money.

  • Reduced Energy and Maintenance Costs
  • Tax Incentives and Rebates
  • Improved Safety
  • Improved Performance and Productivity
  • Environmental Impact / Corporate Social Responsibility
  • Property Valuation

Are your building’s lighting and electrical systems up to date? If not, you may be compromising the cost, safety, and efficiency of your company’s operations. Without a doubt, the most cost-effective and safest solution is to have your building’s systems updated. Doing so ensures that you can meet the growing needs of your company and the latest codes and regulation standards.
Meet the Latest Standards
As electrical needs grow, most buildings accommodate by adding new wiring to their electrical systems. But over the years, that may lead to a mess of potentially dangerous wiring as old and new systems are combined. For your safety and legal requirements, it’s best to keep your building up to code.
Improve Capacity
Most people don’t realize that circuit breakers have a lifespan of only about 25—40 years. Updating your electrical system and installing new circuits will improve your system's capacity, allowing you to use heavy-duty electronics without worry. It will also give your building expansion room to meet additional demands and provide better safety and security for people in your building.
Save Money
Having your electrical and lighting system rewired makes updating it regularly easier and saves you money now and in the long run. For example, installing occupancy sensors to turn off lights automatically can cut 30% of your lighting costs. On top of avoiding costly damage by hazardous, outdated wiring, you can have more energy-efficient lighting systems installed that provide the lighting and power you need all the while saving you more money.

Improve Efficiency

You can easily offset the cost of upgrading your electrical system with the money you save from the latest energy-efficient technologies. At Facility Innovations Group, we implement a lighting process that is able to reduce energy while sustaining the light levels you need. In fact, our goal is to increase light levels and simultaneously reduce energy use by 50%. That way, you lower your bottom line and increase profit margins.
Increase Safety

Updating your wiring ensures the safety of everyone in your building and the machines that are used daily. It’s necessary to reduce the risk of fire hazards caused by outdated and overloaded circuits. Doing so will also prevent your modern electronics and more expensive appliances from overloading your electrical system. And the best way to ensure safety is to hire an experienced electrician who understands the complicated and intricate processes involved with rewiring a building.

At Facility Innovations Group, we specialize in optimizing your light and energy systems to enhance your company's productivity. If you have any questions or needs regarding your electrical systems, contact us to see how we can provide a solution that can reduce energy costs and give your business the productivity and financial savings you need.

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