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Load Response
Automated demand response can be used by commercial, government, industrial and institutional enterprises to maximize energy savings or develop an additional source of revenue. Many utilities and load response companies now offer demand response programs that provide cash rebates to partners who agree to reduce or curtail their energy use at peak times.
The energy grid may be overloaded during peak periods when electricity demand surges, such as in summer or winter. At these times, operators may ask participating businesses to minimize energy usage for some time. We will partner with you to help you ascertain eligibility and thoroughly explain your options so that you can choose the best demand response plan for your business needs. Often this means converting energy into another income stream for your business.
how it works
We convert energy into another source of income for your business.

A demand response program allows utilities to manage volatility in energy prices, and the savings are passed on to customers. These utility rebates can provide badly needed capital, but in many enterprises, including manufacturing, healthcare and government facilities, simply turning off the power is impossible. Facility Innovation Group's energy efficiency and renewable energy specialists can find ways for facilities to reduce overall energy use, create energy demand response protocols that route power only to essential systems or develop on-site generation that reduces the general need for grid power. Automated demand response systems offer the most significant control, allowing customers to automatically or remotely manage energy consumption during peak demand.
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